Thursday, 24 September 2015

Does Anyone Read Blogs Anymore?

It has been way to long since I have ventured into blogland.  But seriously, does anyone read blogs anymore?

I used to spend countless hours trolling through blogs every week but since I discovered Instagram that has all changed.  I am totally hooked and although I know Instagram will never replace blogs, it's the instant gratification and ease of scrolling through feeds and liking photo's that is so addictive.

Of course it is just that, instant gratification.  It is not as easy to share detailed information or lots of photos of a project on Instagram (without totally driving your followers crazy) and it is easy to miss posts when you are following hundreds and hundreds of people on Instagram.

I love blogs and I love blogging but there is no doubt it is far more time consuming.

So once again (how many times have I made this pledge?) I am promising myself to try to blog on a more regular basis.

It has been 4 months since my last post and in that time I have finished a few quilts, several mini quilts for swaps, countless bee blocks and blocks for do Good Stitches charities.  Far too many things to share in one blog post so I will just share pictures of my latest finish.......introducing Organised Chaos

In a never ending quest to tame my scraps and sew my stash I made some scrap vortex blocks following CrazyMomQuilts tutorial.  I want to make a whole quilt using these blocks but for now I decided to try my hand at a modern version with the scrappy blocks floating in a solid background.

The plan was to do straight line quilting over the whole quilt but I quickly learned that quilting straight lines on a domestic machine is no easy feat so l scrapped that idea and went with free motion swirls in the background and used the straight lines in the scrappy section of the quilt.

In keeping with the scrappy theme, I used orphan blocks for the backing.  It was a bit like a jigsaw putting these blocks together but I love the effect and I love that it used up nearly all of the orphan and practice blocks I had gathering dust.

Curiously I don't seem to have made a dint in the scrap baskets so I see many more scrap quilts in my immediate future.

Until next time.



  1. Yes, plenty of us still read and write blogs. Instagram is too impersonal for me.

  2. I never really got into instagram, although I typically only read blogs on my lunch break. After work, my time is better spend in my crafty room! :)

  3. I visit blogs. I haven't picked up on using instagram yet.

  4. I do instagram,but still reading plenty of blogs too. I really like both sides of your quilt - I would call it a reversible scrap quilt.

  5. I love blogs, because you get "the rest of the story ". Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes I do read blogs. Don';t use twitter or instagram so re rely on seeing your awesome work via this medium. Love the vortex quilt

  7. yes, we do read and write blogs. It is the glue that keeps this global quilting party going.

  8. Yes, I still read blogs. Like the Schulz Family comment - I don't use twitter, etc etc. thanks for sharing your quilt.

  9. Yes I also do read blogs all the time. Love them and when I see something on your instagram account that interests me I come to your blog to find more information and more to read! Love the things you make!

  10. Yes! The blog is more iteresting. In Instagram you may to see ONLY the picture and not the WAY and reason.