Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Groovy Granny

I have spent the last few days putting an impromptu quilt top together.

Granny Square quilt has been on my 'want to make' list for a long time and the other day I got the urge to put everything else aside to make one.  I have not used any one fabric line, I just dove into my stash and found fabrics in pink, lilac, aqua and orange.

Using a strip piecing method I cut my 2.5"strips to size...

Joined them...

And subcut into 2.5" sections...

Then it was a simple matter of laying the block out and sewing it together...

Each set yielded two complete blocks which when trimmed look like this...

Using this strip piecing method made the quilt top a very quick process and I think it is so much easier than handling lots of 2.5" squares.

My blocks finished at 9.5" and I added 2.5" sashings.  I still need to put a border on to complete the top but all up I am happy with how quickly it came together.

I'm not sure but I am thinking of making the border with a scalloped edge which I thought might give the quilt a little more of a homely or antique feel.  What do you think?
Of course I will have to get onto Google and You Tube to learn how to do it so that might just be the deciding factor!

Until next time.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Paper Piecing Frenzy

Despite the ridiculously hot weather not letting up, I forced myself into my sewing room on the weekend in an attempt to catch up on some bee obligations.

I am a new convert to paper piecing.  I love the crispness and accuracy of the finished blocks and I can see a lot more of it in my future.

The queen bee this month requested grey & yellows for her stars and here are the 2 blocks I made for her.

I was so thrilled with these that I made the same for myself in my chosen colourway (green/grey/white).

I have decided that as I make blocks for the queens each month I am going to make the same for myself so that when the bee ends I will have enough blocks for an extra large quilt which I plan to give to my husband. With all the quilts I make and give away, he has never been on the receiving end so I thought it was about time I correct that!  As he chose my colourway for this bee, I thought it was fitting that he get the quilt.

Now if only this relentless heat would let up, I might be a bit more productive.

Until next time.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Things around here have been sluggish to say the least.

I want to sew, I really want to sew but oh, it is just too hot.  We are experiencing a heat wave in most parts of Australia with temperatures being 40+ degrees (that's over 100 degrees in American speak) for days on end.  My little sewing room cops the brunt of the heat so although I am more than willing, it's just too damn hot to be covered in fabric with an iron on next to me.

We have had a little reprieve yesterday and today so whilst I could, I managed to put together this little top for AQWL.

Ideally I would like to make at least one top per month for charity.  I am behind already with this horrible weather (I really, really dislike hot weather) and although today is cooler, things are going to heat up again tomorrow so I am not going to catch up any time soon.

But at least my WIP list is one project shorter.  I managed to finish this quilt for a co-worker who is due to have her baby this week.

I loved how it turned out.  Although not the best picture it is really quite vibrant.
I decided to call it "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" because the colors reminded me of a rainbow.

And to finish of, the obligatory quilt roll photo!

One WIP down, about 14 to go!!

Until next time.