Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No Will Power!!

Ok, so I caved!!  I have not even finished quilting the first of my flimsy's when a new project just had to be started.  I tried and tried to ignore the lure of the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt A Long  (MSBHQAL) but the temptation was just too great.

I have been reading and adoring Molli's blog for about 7 months now.  He brightens my world with his infectious wit and writing style.  Let's say he spreads the love and his glittery goodness filters it's way into my world making it just that little bit brighter every day.

We are using Anne at Play Crafts Broken Herringbone Block Tutorial to make the blocks.  At first I was quite intimidated but Anne's instructions and copious number of pictures made it achievable. My practice block turned out so well that I will probably use it in the quilt.

I have completed a further 3 blocks -orange, pink and turquoise.

I love the orange block, the turquoise is ok but I am still undecided on the pink one.  Pink is really not my colour so it may just be personal preference.  I will wait until the end before I decide if I am going to use it in the quilt.

I have also been distracted making string blocks for an online quilting group swap. I love making string blocks and crumb blocks.  It is so liberating not having to be matchy, matchy and not having to worry about points and seams meeting.  Just grab, sew, iron, grab, sew, iron.  I can push through about 10 of these 8.5 " blocks in one evening so it is also quite productive.

And finally, this week I made 3 baby receiving blankets for the Obaatan Pa Hospital in Ghana, Africa. You can find out more information on this charity here.

Now to catch up on my Broken Herringbone blocks and my String blocks.  Oh and of course to try and finish the quilting on flimsy no.1 which was started 2 weeks ago and promptly pushed aside and ignored as other temptations got the better of me.

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.  Check it out.

Till next time.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

WIP Busting Progress

My enthusiasm has waned a bit...I am still very keen to complete some of the WIP's I have but the process is proving to be a bit slower than I first thought.

I decided to quilt my Blue Ridge Beauty with an orange peel design.  First I made a little sandwich to practice and I like how it turned out.

All enthused I started on the quilt but progress is SLOW.  It is such a huge quilt and it is taking a lot of effort to push it through my domestic machine.

Two Harry Potter movies down and I am still not half way through.  I have gone a bit wonky a couple of times as I wrestle the quilt through the machine and the stitch length is not as consistent as it should be but once it is washed and 'crinkles' a bit I hope it wont be too noticeable.

So what I thought might take one or two nights is going to take about a week to complete but at least it will be one more project off the list.  What's that saying?  "Slow and steady wins the race".

I am linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday where some not so slow quilters are sharing their awesome work.  Make some time to have a look.

Till next time.