Monday, 19 January 2015

Sew My Stash 2015

Yep, that's my mantra for this year and to keep myself motivated and on track I am joining in the fun over at Project Leasa.

Leasa posted her thoughts about sewing from stash on Instagram and thought she might get a few followers to join with her in the challenge.  As it turns out hundreds of like minded people have embraced the challenge and the SewMyStash2015 widget was born.


So if you are ready to play along head on over to Leasa's blog for more information on the challenge and to link your projects.  If you are on Instagram have a look at the hashtag #sewmystash2015 to see all sorts of wonderful awesomeness.

The first project I am sewing from stash is scrappy log cabin blocks.  I have cut up umpteen strips from scraps and have been happily sewing away between other projects.

This is my progress so far.

I decided to play with scale and make blocks of various sizes.  I'm not sure how to incorporate them into a quilt yet but I want the layout to be a bit random and abstract.  So more smaller log cabin blocks and some low volume filler blocks are needed to fill in the spaces. Again if you are on Instagram check out #scrappylogcabinqal to see the amazing things other people are doing with their log cabin blocks.

If you are not on Instagram, you should be!  It is addictive and a huge time waster but oh so much fun and there is just so much inspiration, creativity and talent on hand.

In amongst log cabin blocks I made a few design boards using the Bee in My Bonnet tutorial by Lori Holt and I also whipped up a little pincushion thread catcher which I made up as I went along (after reading a few different online tutorials).

Both of these projects were quick but they are far from perfect (the glue gun and I had a few disagreements whilst making those design boards and there were a few curses muttered and unpicking required as I made the thread catcher).  I am owning it - they are handmade after all and that sometimes means there will be imperfections.

Until next time.



  1. Those scrappy log cabins are so striking! I'm anxious to see how your final layout will be with all those different sizes.

  2. Love the idea of color contrasting with low volume fabrics for your log cabin blocks. They will definitely look great once you decide which design to go with. I'll definitely be back to see how they turn out and to steal other ideas for using up scraps. I have so many! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Your log cabin blocks are wonderful!! I'm all about flying by the seat of my pants, I like that you are making blocks of different sizes and will go where the blocks lead :)

  4. What a gorgeous design wall! Those log cabin blocks are looking so fine! I love scrappy!

  5. I'll be looking into the sew my stash on instagram. It's always fun to see what others are doing to use up some of that beloved fabric!

  6. Good for you for opting to work from your stash. Sometimes we forget what treasures we have in there in the fabric acquisition frenzy. As for imperfections, let's call them features instead of flaws. Like you said, they're handmade... not cranked out in a factory. You did some lovely work here... you should show it off with some larger pics :)

  7. You have been busy. Good work on those mini design boards

  8. ooh am now looking at the tutorial for the pattern board