Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Its A Wrap

I am happy to say that I finished my nieces 21st quilt ahead of schedule.

Actually it's not really complete.  I have one more thing to do - a label.  I haven't settled on a name for the quilt so I will continue to ponder for a few days and make the label when I have settled on a name.

I settled on a large scale meander for the quilting.  That and the binding (by hand) have consumed most of my week.

In between though I put my MSBHQAL top together ready for basting.

I had some trouble with the bias edges of the blocks stretching (lesson learned) so there is a bit a waving.  I hope that I can quilt this out.

And I also managed to complete a paper pieced star block for the Queen Bee of an online Bee Group I am in.

I may have to rethink this block.   The Queen wanted pretty spring colours so these might be a bit too bright for the brief.  I will probably make another one and use this as a backup.

And finally I made a make up bag and a brush roll for another niece.

So, there it is - another productive week for me.  Sadly there will be no time for any sewing in the coming week as I am catering my niece's 21st birthday party.  I will be consumed with planning and preparation for the big event.  Thankfully it is not a huge party but 75 mouths to feed and keep happy is a little daunting.

Wish me luck.



  1. Your niece's birthday quilt is beautiful, love your fabric choice.

  2. Beautiful quilt for your niece. It looks like "chopsticks" to me. Proud of the herringbone too, you are much further than I am.

  3. I really like the star block!

  4. Lots of lovely projects ....I am sure you will have one happy niece!! Thank you for sharing. Marie

  5. It will be interesting to see how you quilt the MSBHQAL quilt. What a neat makeup bag and a great gift.

  6. Great projects! Love, love, love the binding on your niece's quilt and that paper-pieced star!!!

  7. Very productive week indeed and lovely projects!

  8. oh, that quilt is so lovely, and I LOVE that star block. The illusion of all of the strips wrapping around each other is so fun!

    I'm so happy you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  9. The paper pieced star is spectacular and your broken herringbone quilt too!!

  10. Love that paper pieced block! Your makeup bag and brush roll are awesome too.

  11. Yes, I too love that paper pieced block AND the colors! You had a busy week. I also like the coziness of the first quilt!