Saturday, 30 March 2013

Free Motion Friday

I knew I would have trouble keeping up with my Express Your Love quilt project but I am ok with that. I had always planned it to be a year long exercise that I would progress on as I could (or probably more realistically, when I felt in the mood).

Here is my progress to date.

So far I have only managed the McTavishing but I have a 10 day break over Easter.  Amongst the jobs that have to be done around the house I plan to work on this some more and hopefully I will be finished the suns rays by the time I go back to work.  I am happy with it except for the colour.  I was going for golden rays but they look a bit ickey brown.  This is the thread colour I chose but it hasn't translated to fabric as brightly as I had hoped.

I have been busy on other projects and recently I finished my impromptu Retro Red quilt.

I quilted it with an all over geometric design which I broke up with a section of wavy lines and circles.

Can't really say why I added this except that it felt right at the time so I just went with it!

This week I finished my Soldiers Wife quilt.

Another all over quilted design except for the setting triangles where I quilted free form feathers. This was my first attempt at feathers on a quilt and I am really happy with the result.  Since taking these pictures I have finished the binding and the quilt is waiting to be hung on my sewing room wall.

I am linking up with Free Motion Quilting Project Free Motion Friday linky party so go over and have a look  at the amazing work that is on display.


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