Tuesday, 4 December 2012

East Street Part 2

This week Bonnie Hunter released Step 2 for the Easy Street mystery quilt and it's Flying Geese.  I love flying geese but they don't always love me back.  I have been using the method of cutting one big square and 4 little ones to make the geese and this has been working but it does my head in trying to do the math for all the squares.

Bonnie showed us in a short video how to make the flying geese units using the Companion Angle and the Easy Angle rulers.  What a revelation.  I have had these rulers since last years Orca Bay mystery and after watching the video I discovered that I have been using the Easy Angle ruler incorrectly all of this time!

I am such a visual person and after seeing the video a light bulb went of in my head.  It all made so much sense.  Making the geese using just 2 inch strips was so easy and every single one of the units turned out the right size.

This method of making the units was much quicker and so effective.  Thank you so much for the video Bonnie.  It made such a difference for me and I am sure many, many more people will benefit from it.

Here are my completed flying geese units.

I am making my quilt as a wall hanging so I only need 64 units but I made 70 just in case.

I hope the yellow was the right colour choice.  I am not confident when it comes to colour. I want the yellow to be the colour there was the least of in the final quilt. As Bonnie's purple had the least amount of yardage of the three main colours, I thought it would be safe to assume that it will not be used as much as the other 2 colours (brown and orange in my case).

I am linking up with Bonnie's  mystery-monday-link-up-part-2.
There were over 200 people who linked up last week so make sure you have a gander (my attempt at play on words...get it, flying geese--gander.  Ok funny in my own head!).



  1. I laughed! and I like your colors.

    Cheryl in Friendsville

  2. Ditto on the yellow... I needed a 4th color and hoped it would be used to contrast the blue or purple which are my main ones...oh well I only made 32 and I can redo them if I have to.

  3. Hi Sue,

    Still going strong I see. I am going to be interested to see your quilt when finished because I love your colours!

    Cheers, Maree in Strathfieldsaye Victoria

  4. HI, Sue: Wasn't that a great video? It was a light-bulb moment for me as well. Good luck on your quilt!

  5. PS: I also wanted to thank you for posting a comment on my blog, but you don't have your email set up. Thanks again!

  6. So glad I stopped to take a 'gander' at your geese - Looking Good!