Thursday, 2 August 2012

As usual I had fallen behind with Leah Day's Free Motion Quilt Along homework.  I don't know how you people manage to get everything done each week.  I am flat out trying to do this homework together with practicing Sew Cal Gal's challenges that I barely have any time to work on any of my other projects in progress.
The Olympics has me hooked and I can't drag myself away from the tv screen long enough to concentrate on practicing my free motion quilting.  Mind you, my hand piecing project is getting a work out while I watch.

Anyway, on to Leah Day's homework.  This morning I managed to complete the last 2 weeks homework.
First I started with Bare Branches which is quite straight forward in concept but the actual doing is a little trickier.  I started on a large scale and as you can see I am not too adept at travel stitching.

I have to learn to go a bit slower when travel stitching.  I am still trying to get my rhythm and when I tried it on a smaller scale l had a bit more success.  I call these chicken feet as that was my mantra as I stitched this.

Next it was on to tree roots which is the same design but with curved  lines.  I really enjoyed doing this one, my brain is so much more comfortable with swirly rather than straight lines.  In this sample I purposely did lots of travelling to get as much practice as I could.  I feel as though I have got the concept, I just need to slow down more when travel stitching and concentrate a little more on filling the spaces.

Overall, I am moderately happy with the results.  I think using a high contrasting thread on plain fabric really highlights the "oopsies".  When using this design on a 'real' quilt I think it will blend so much better giving a more pleasing result.

So whilst London sleeps, I am off to get in some more free motion quilting practice.


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  1. Haaaaa, I'm have the same time/Olympic issue. As for the Sew Cal Challenge I have neither completed Feb. or July:O. I think your travel stitching looks great on both. I like doing the curly one better too;)