Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Busy Little Bee

The last couple of months I have been a very busy little worker bee fulfilling requests of the queens for several bee hives I am part of.

I have so many bee and swap obligations going on that I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them all!

Sometimes I have very little time left for me sewing but I can't help it - I love bees and swaps.  I enjoy the friendships and I enjoy challenging myself to make blocks I wouldn't normally consider making for myself and in some cases really challenge myself with blocks I have never seen or heard of before.

So in no particular order, here are the bee blocks I have managed to complete since August.

QBA Star Bee Blocks:

QCA Mini Bee Blocks:

QCA Rainbow Bee Blocks:

Supernova Friendship Block Swap:

Birthday Club Gifts:


This week I am trying to finish a mini quilt for an Instagram Mini swap and then I need to concentrate on completing a couple of quilts for Christmas gifts and another for a birthday in January.

Until next time.



  1. What a great collection of blocks- and so many great fabrics in them!

  2. All of your blocks look fabulous, Sue! Looks like you HAVE been a busy bee! And have had a lot of fun...

  3. Wow, what productivity! I really like all your blocks and fabrics too. It is great fun to be in a bee!

  4. That's a lot of bee blocks and every one of them is gorgeous.

  5. Fabulous! Love the stars and the cats in particular.

  6. Wow! You have been super busy. They are all so fun and pretty, it's hard to say which is my favorite. But you sound like a gal after my own heart--using a spreadsheet to keep everything straight. =)

  7. Terrific blocks -- love the way your combine prints!!

  8. All of those blocks are lovely. I particularly like the top three. I thought they looked familiar, and then realised that I follow you on Instagram - that will be why!

  9. Goodness! You have been a productive little bee! Everything is beautiful, and I don't see a point or a seam that is not perfect.