Monday, 31 March 2014

March Musings

OK, so blogging was out the window for all of March but I did keep myself busy working on several Charity projects.  I belong to 3 online groups that make quilts for different charities.

This month I made:

Blocks to be donated and made into quilts.

Three quilt tops (but I only have a picture of 2 of them):

And one complete quilt.

Sewing for me was limited to some bee blocks for 2 different queens:

And a very spur of the moment Autumn inspired quilt top.

I was cleaning some shelves in my sewing area when I came across a pile of Autumn charms from an online swap last year.  I had recently been looking at disappearing 4 patch quilts and really wanted to try the technique so I decided to use the Autumn charms I found rather than hide them away again.

I struggled with the blocks a little.  There are many, many tutorials out there and they are all just a little bit different.  I went with what I thought was the easiest version but I still had to put my thinking cap on for each block to make sure they were all rotated the same way.

With the addition of a couple of borders the quilt top measures 56" x 56"which is the perfect size to hang on the empty wall in my dining room.

My WIP count has not fact I have added to it!  Maybe next month I will make a small dint.

Until next time.



  1. In just a month??? wow. Totally impressed!

  2. You may not have shortened your WIP list, but you sure have been busy! What a gorgeous line up of blocks and quilt tops. Great job on that disappearing 4 patch quilt top, too. PS. Those farmer's daughter quilt blocks are my fave!

  3. Congratulations on completing the disappearing 4-patch; it looks terrific. I love the scrappy squares top with the beautiful sashing; a great idea.

  4. Gorgeous quilt blocks and a superb job on the Autumn charms turned into the disappearing 4-patch. Remarkable what that technique can do to a simple block! Yours is lovely! Happy Quilting!

  5. Great work for March! I'm impressed with how much you got done, and yet you say you didn't get much done! I'm visiting from Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts.

  6. Good for you for doing all that giving back :)

  7. You most certainly have been busy! I really love the small squares in the white between the 25 patches.

  8. Everything looks amazing! Your disappearing 4-patch is beautiful.

  9. Ok, now I'm officially tired after looking at all you accomplished last month. :-) Beautiful work, all of it! I particularly like the Mariner's Compass looking Bee block but the charity quilts are lovely & bright too. Well done!

  10. You have been busy. I like how you added the dark fabric to the autumn quilt. Really sets off the blocks.

  11. I love all of these! It's fun to do a photo dump some times isn't it? Great projects! I totally understand adding more wips. I just can't help myself either.