Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Easy Street Mystery

I contemplated for some time whether or not I was going to participate in this year's Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.  I completed last years mystery (Orca Bay) and managed to keep up with most of the steps but it was very labour intensive and knowing Bonnie's penchant for scrappy quilts with a gazillion pieces I wasn't sure I was up to it this year.  However, Bonnie has assured us that this year's mystery is not going to be as intensive as in previous years (hence the name Easy Street!) so I decided to follow along.

My one concession is to make the quilt a bit smaller.  I am going to make a wall hanging so will only need to make half the quantity that Bonnie posts.

I am also taking a leap of faith in relation to my colour choices.  I once saw a beautiful paisley fabric that I fell in love with.  It comprised browns, oranges and yellows together with a hint of blue.  Now I know that might not sound good but I just loved it so I am going to try to emulate that with this mystery.

Here are my fabric selections:

I have decided to use the blue as my constant and use a solid off white as my background fabric.
I have completed Part 1 - 100 x 4-patches.

Make sure you check out everyone else's progress and great colour choices here: easy-street-monday-link-up-1

Bring on Part 2!


  1. I can't see the photo of your fabrics, but the 4-patches are lovely with that pretty blue. Looking forward to Friday for the next clue.

  2. My colors are very similar to yours, I'm using ivory as my constant, white with blue for my background, and then pink, brown and yellow. I'm also looking forward to Friday's next clue. Your blocks look great.

  3. I so look forward to seeing your completed top...those are great colours.

  4. I love fall colors, so your brown/orange/yellow combo really appeals to me. And the blue is like the sky, which always looks great with fall leaves, right? I predict your results will be lovely!

  5. Wow Sue, you are going down a very different "Easy Street!...can't wait to see it come together!

  6. It is light relief to see some lovely fresh colours, amongst the sea of grey. I look forward to following your progress on the weekly Link.

  7. Your colours will go wonderfully together. Good choices.
    It's nice to see some people are brave enough to choose their own colours.

  8. Hi Sue,
    Went looking for yours and found the colours! I wasn't adventurous, but I loved Bonnie's colours anyway.
    I will be looking out for your posts as well.
    Cheers Maree
    ie: in hot and horrible Strathfieldsaye......

    PS: I just posted another link from my blog on my website, I think I will use that one from now on!