Sunday, 29 July 2012

I have been really pushed for time this month which left little opportunity to work on my free motion quilting challenges.  I managed to squeeze in an hour or two today but I am not particularly happy with my efforts. I can't blame the poor results on the lack of time though.

I have been doodling all month whenever I have found a few minutes and I was happy with the drawings so I went into Angela's tiles challenge thinking it would be relatively simple. I was very wrong - it was  deceptively difficult to stitch.  The concept is not hard but I found that I lost my way a few times and had difficulty working out of corners where I often seemed to be stuck.

I took the easy way out and did stippling in my tiles but even the stipples are not very good.  This is actually what has disappointed me the most.  I thought I was pretty good at stipples but today I couldn't get a smooth rhythm which resulted in 'jumpy' stipples and pretty inconsistent spacing.

I really love the tiles design and after a bit more practicing I can't wait to fill the negative spaces of my modern quilt with it.  I think that when it is quilted using white thread on a white background the design will be far more subtle and blend so much better than this practice piece done in contrasting thread.

I have ordered Angela Walters new book and I can't wait for it to arrive.  And although I use a domestic sewing machine, I have signed up for Angela's online Machine Quilting Negative Space class with Craftsy.
I know that by the time I am finished I will see a vast improvement in my skills which makes it a bit easier to swallow the disappointing entry I am submitting to Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Quilt Challenge this month.

Thank you so much Sew Cal Gal and Angela Walters for your great tutorial this month.



  1. Yay!! I think it looks great! You did a fantastic job. I am so thrilled that you are joining me over at craftsy! Whoo hoo!!

  2. You shouldn't be disappointed--you did a great job. Oh, I struggled with the straight lines, and I backed myself into corners and had to stop and start, but that is okay. We are all learning.